All About Engagement Sessions! Part 1

Well we have already posted about the importance of having an engagement session. How about we post some tips for you to have great portraits for your engagement sessions. We won’t draw it out over a week long of daily posts. Instead we’ll try to keep it short to two posts.
1. Clothing: Choose colors that go together and keep the same palette. Try to stay within a certain color palette or scheme with your props and wardrobe. This will unify you both together in the shots. You want to try to avoid tiny or busy prints and ultra-thin lines since they tend not to photograph well. No big motifs or wording on your clothes and nothing too fashionable as this tends to date your images quickly. Think classic. Don’t wear matching outfits.
2. Dress on the same scale: On the day of your photo shoot, you should both look like you’re headed to the same place. Plan on dressing to the nines? Make sure your fiance isn’t wearing his favorite t-shirt with shorts and white sneakers while you’re in the nice little black dress and heels. Wear clothes that are on the same level of dressiness or casualness.
3. Enjoy yourself: Have lots of fun, be playful and relax and let your photographer guide you!
4. Location: Think about your location. It is lovely to go somewhere that is meaningful to you as a couple but also has a variety of backdrops to make things more exciting and give you real variety in the images. City centres, villages, fields, beaches, farms, lakes, rivers all make fabulous backdrops so think of somewhere that is unique to you as a couple.
5. Pets: If you have pets this is something we could incorporate too. They are after all part of your little family. Bringing your dog along will be sure to make it a fun experience._JMW5071

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