All About Engagement Sessions! Part 2

The fun continues on the tips to have a better engagement session.
6. Hair and Make-up: If you’re doing your own hair and make-up please take your time and don’t rush it. We want you to look great. Perhaps buy some new items to make you feel great and remember to keep it as natural looking as possible.
7. Be Yourself: The best photos are where the couple looks and feels like themselves. Wearing an outfit you’re comfortable in will only accentuate your style and personality. Whether you want to wear jeans and a t-shirt or are dressed up, your happiness will show through and influence the overall mood in your portraits.
8. Don’t think too much: We can’t express how important improvisation is for engagement photos. If every pose is forced or pre-planned, the photos might end up looking contrived. If at all possible, try to shut off your brain for a little while and live in the moment.
9. Trust your Photographer: Choosing the right photographer is important because they make you feel relaxed, you’re almost instantly taken to a position that is laid back and casual. Don’t worry about looking silly. As long as you’re confident with your photographer and comfortable with what you are wearing, you’ll be happy with the results.
Zach&Jen_041 Zach&Jen_018 Zach&Jen_007 Last but not least, confidence is king. Hold your head up high and work it.

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