Why It’s Great to Have Two Photographers

Your probably thinking to yourself “2 photographers? Do I really need 2 photographers?” Honestly, yes. With Dark Light Photo Studios, you will get 2. Its standard and comes with every wedding package we have.  While it may seem a bit like overkill, let me explain, and show you, why its a great opportunity that you shouldn’t pass up.
Reason 1: 2 people can be in 2 places at once. There are 2 of you getting married. Unless your planning on getting ready in the same room as your significant other, things will get missed with only 1 photographer.
Reason 2: Everything will get covered. Nothing will be left out because your one photographer had their attention focused elsewhere.
Reason 3: Every person has a different perspective and sees things differently. See the portraits on the bottom? Same pose, different angles, taken at the same time.
Reason 4: 2 minds are better then one. You will get 2 creative brains coming up with poses, angles & places for your portraits.
Reason 5: We can cover 2 groups at the same time. Example: Groom & groomsman being photographed while the Bride & bridesmaids are also being photographed. This moves things along in a more timely manner and leaves less time for people to get bored standing around waiting.

So, to sum up, it is not always essential to every moment to have 2 photographers, but it is definitely always an added bonus.3 4 1

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