Meet Jessica

Hi. I’m Jessica Wakefield, co-owner/photographer at Dark Light Photos Studios and owner/photographer of Jessica Marie Photography. I thought I would put a blog out there so you can get to know me, the person behind the camera.

I am originally from Vermont, USA. I moved out of Vermont in 1995 and haven’t lived there since. Between 1995 and now I have done a lot and been all over. To date, I have been to 10 countries on 5 continents and 46 states. My goal was to hit all 50 states by the time I was 35. Oops. Missed by a couple years, but I’m still working on it. I have no kids or pets, just a plant named Pancho. He’s very low maintenance and never talks back!

I love to travel, I read every day, and I absolutely love to take pictures of anything and everything that catches my eye. I have a great fondness for old, abandoned, dilapidated buildings and whatnot. I also love to do landscape & travel work. I think that for me, this is a great stress reliever. I really enjoy taking portraits and wedding pictures, however, they can be very high stress and there can be a lot of pressure in taking them. Sometimes I just like to take pictures of things just because, for no other reason then I want to.

I have always loved photography. I have pictures in albums back from when I was in middle school and before, where I had no idea what I was doing, but still loved to photograph things. I got my first “big” camera in 2002, when I was moving to S. Korea to teach English. Part of the reason I decided to do that was for the pictures I knew I was going to get to take. I loved that I could change out the lenses. Back then I was shooting on film, and continued to do so almost exclusively until I attended photography school in 2006 where I switched to digital. I still shoot with film occasionally but its rare. Since 2006, I have been working in one capacity or another as a photographer, doing portraits, school pictures, sports pictures, weddings, landscapes, travel and whatever else interested me. I have had my own business, Jessica Marie Photography since 2006 and still have it to this day, where I do non-wedding work.

Dark Light is a combination of Tony Romo and I. Tony and I went to photography school together and after much contemplation, a lot of moving around and 100’s of hours on the phone/internet, decided to collaborate to do wedding photography. Dark Light Photo Studios was born. I moved to Monroe, LA where Tony lived, as I had no pressing business anywhere else, and we have been working to get Dark Light established in the Monroe/West Monroe area ever since
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