10 Things Wedding Guests Should Know

There are a lot of etiquette rules that everyone should follow from the bridal party down to the last invited guest and everyone in between. Now everyone invited may think that these are not a big deal but truth be told they can be a MAJOR deal to the Bride and Groom. So be kind to the future married couple and please take into consideration their feelings. After all, it is their BIG DAY!!
1. Respect the RSVP Guidelines: Planning a wedding is a big deal. Send in your acceptance or regrets by the date requested. Don’t make the happy couple chase you down and don’t ask them if you can invite other friends/guests/etc…
2. Don’t Wait ’til the Last Minute to Change Your Mind: Unless you have a serious emergency you better not change your RSVP. The couple has already paid for your attendance. It’s pretty awkward to be serving an empty space at the table.
3. Always Be On Time: The couples wedding day is structured on a strict schedule.
That minor delay of 15 – 20 minutes can seriously cut into their photography session. Always show up ahead of the time that is stated on their invite. If you are cutting it really close sit in the back. Keep a low profile.


4. The Happy Couple’s Social Media Guidelines: Whether the couple wants a trace of their wedding posted on social media or whether they wish to keep their event private respect their wishes!

5. Don’t Wear White, Better Yet, Don’t Wear Anything that Attracts the Attention to You: You just shouldn’t take attention away from the bride and groom. (mainly the bride of course). Don’t wear anything that is white or near white. Other thing’s to NOT wear would be: ball gowns bigger than the bride’s dress, plunging necklines and thigh high slits and of course we hope that you do not show up in lingerie.
6. Please Stay Out of the Photographer’s Way: The Happy Couple took the time to research their photographer and want’s them to be able to do their work. So please don’t step in the photographer’s way. Keep tablets, phones and cameras down. If the photographer asks you to step out of a shot just do it. Sit back enjoy the wedding.
7. Don’t Try to Change Tables: Creating a seating chart is not easy at all. Don’t take it upon yourself to make last minute changes. Even if your favorite person in the whole wide world is showing up. You can play catch up later on.
8. Send a gift: Plain and simple if you were invited you should send a gift. Give whatever is in your means. You don’t have to be fancy with it. Also sending your gift is acceptable, just send as early as possible. The longer you wait after the wedding the more likely you are to forget.
9. Cell phones/tablets/I-Pads/etc: Everyone knows you want to remember the wedding of special people in your life, but please, during the ceremony, don’t raise your huge phone, tablet or other electronic device over your head to get shots of the couple. Not only does it get in the way of other guests, it will be in the pictures that the hired photographer takes and honestly, it really distracts and can totally ruin a picture. Enjoy the wedding. Don’t worry about documenting every detail. The couple hired a photographer for that.
10. Have FUN: A wedding is a great festive occasion and you were invited to join in on the couple’s celebration. Avoid the drama. Don’t go sulking in a corner, rolling your eyes, talking mess about other guests or anything else for that matter. Just don’t incite drama and invite negativity. This is a positive happy festive moment for the couple and you should just have FUN!!!
Remember: The wedding isn’t about the guest! Its about the couple. Put your negativity aside, leave the drama at the door and celebrate their love. It doesn’t matter what you want or what you like/don’t like. This is their day and there is already enough stress on the couple without the guests adding to it.

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