Why Cheaper is NOT Always Better

OK, so you love to save money. Who doesn’t. Weddings are expensive. Even if you have a small wedding in your backyard or get some great discounts on decorations, your still going to spend a lot of money on that one day. But you shouldn’t cut corners or hunt for the lowest price on everything. Photography is one of those things. Let me tell you why.

Sure, you can probably find a photographer who will photograph your wedding for under $600. They will also edit your pictures and put them on a disk and hand the disk over to you to do with whatever you please. Great, you think. This is the problem. Chances are your $600 is going to get you 1 of 3 things. 1 – a photography student who is trying to gain experience and is willing to do weddings for cheap because they have VERY LITTLE experience. 2 – someone who does weddings for a hobby because they have a nice camera and take nice pics of their own kids. 3 – someone who bills themselves as a professional photographer, but has little to no photography education, no true understanding of lighting or composition and very little knowledge of how to work their camera when its not on Manual setting.

But, your thinking to yourself, its only $600. True. However, this is one of the biggest days of your life. You pick everything out from the dress, the location down to the smallest detail. You have invited your friends and family and have stressed over the seating chart for hours. Do you really want to put the images of that day in the hands of someone who isn’t a professional? Would you hire someone with no license to drive the limousine or someone with no cooking experience to cater all the food? I think you would not. So why hire a person with no true photography knowledge to photograph this huge day?

Professional photographers are more pricey for multiple reasons. We have photography experience, often in more then 1 area. We have photography education, read photography magazines, attend photography seminars & classes, study other peoples photography, practice new posing and treat our equipment like its is our own child. We have expensive equipment and know how to use it. We know all the settings on our cameras and know how to use lighting & composition to make you look your best. We also know how to edit pictures and we have prints made at a professional photography lab. We do not make prints for 47 cents at Walmart or the local pharmacy.

So, when you consider all of these things, it should make sense that if you want wonderful, beautiful, pictures for your wedding, you should hire a professional. That said, you should shop around for a photographer that matches your style, your personality and your budget. Look at websites, ask questions, get to know the photographers you are considering. Not all cheaper photographers are bad. Just please, please do not settle for a photographer just because they have the lowest price. (to help you imagine the difference, I have included food examples)

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