You’re a Photographer Right

Simply answered, yes. We are photographers. Portrait & wedding photographers to be exact, but we can do all sorts of pictures of all kinds of things. But just like the popular Facebook post about what it means to be a mom, let me share with you what being a photographer means.

We are photographers. We are also marketers, advertisers, networking gurus and social media fiends. We are photo shoppers, editors, bloggers, emailers, appointment makers & drivers. We are office personnel, computer geeks, technology nerds, camera nerds, lighting specialists and occasionally equipment fixers. We are inventors of new poses, slide show makers, album designers, graphic designers, event coordinators, clothes straighteners, & fashion stylists. We are sales people, business people and entrepreneurs. We are students & teachers, seminar attenders & convention goers. We are set builders & designers, stylists, painters & artists. Occasionally we are interior decorators, food stylists, and make up artists. We are music listeners, people listeners, joke tellers & most of all human.


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