5 Things To Look For When Hiring A Photographer

Well, the holidays are over, a new year has begun and there are lots of newly engaged couples out there that will start planning their wedding in the next few months. You will have tons of things to consider, colors to match, catering & cake samples to taste and seating charts to arrange. You will probably spend hours on the internet, looking for a venue, dresses & tuxes, a limo, and all the other professionals that are involved in a wedding. So, we here at Dark Light want to make it a little easier on you when it comes to finding your perfect photographer.

I would be lying to you if I said that all photographers and couples work well together. That is definitely not the case. As easy going and flexible as we are, even Dark Light Photo Studios isn’t a match for everyone. For example: if you are planning on being a bridezilla and throwing around demands like a drill instructor, we are probably not the photographers for you. My point is, find a photographer that matches not only your style but your personality.

1. A style that matches/compliments your own style: If you like posed pictures, you do not want a photographer that only does candids. If you like bright, colorful pictures, don’t use someone who specializes in black & whites. Look for someone whose pictures you can imagine yourself in.
2. A personality that matches/compliments your own: Are you fun, flexible, casual, laid back, uptight, inflexible, serious, silly or just a bit “weird”? Then find a photographer that is too. If you like casual and flexible, you do not want a photographer that is rigid and set in their ways. If you like rigid, do not hire someone that is a fly by the seat of their pants person.
3. Cost: Almost every wedding has some sort of budget. Figure yours out before you start hiring people, so that you know not only where your money is going, but what your willing to spend on what. Price is not everything, but it is important.
4. Feedback from people who have used that photographer: Whether we like it or not, opinions matter. Check reviews of potential photographers. If others like them, that’s a much better sign that you will too. Don’t base all of your decisions on what others think, but certainly keep an eye out for red flags.
5. Interaction between you and your potential photographer: Essentially, customer service. Do they get back to you in a timely manner? Are they easy to talk to? Do they answer your questions? Do they encourage you to ask questions or to contact them if you need more information? Do they seem to rushed or busy to help you? All of these things can be a sign of how your photographer will act on your wedding day. If your intuition says something about someone, either good or bad, consider it before making a final decision.

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