6 Questions To Ask Your Photographer

1. What does the photographer charge: This is a broad question, and you will probably need to give more information before they can give you a more exact answer, but initially, find out what their price range is. If your budget is only $1000 for a photographer, it would be a waste of time to talk to photographers whose smallest package is $2000
2. Where is the photographer located: This is important to know, because if its someone who is out of town, there will probably be some type of travel expenses charged. You want to know this upfront, not be blindsided with it the day before the wedding.
3. Does the photographer have a website/online portfolio that you can view: Look at samples of his or her work. Do you like the pictures? Do the pictures look like something you would want in your wedding album. Again, not everyone fits with every photographer. We all have different styles and ways of doing things.
4. What are the payment arrangements/is there a deposit required: Again, this will vary by photographer but you need to know up front so you know when things have to be paid. Unless you have unlimited funds, you probably do not want to have to pay for everything at the last minute or even all at once.
5. Does the photographer have an assistant &/or backup equipment: This is getting a bit more technical, and any photographer worth their salt has one or the other, if not both. But, ask just in case. You don’t want your photographer to show up, only to have their 1 camera break in the getting ready stage and then you have no pictures of you wedding except those that Aunt Mildred took with her 2 pixel camera from the back row.
6. What’s the turn around time on your pictures: Ask how long it usually takes the photographer to get the pictures ready for you to see. Will it be 2 weeks, 2 months or a year? This will probably be an estimated time, as things do come up, but they should be able to give you a pretty good idea of how long you will be waiting.

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