We Are Always Learning

Jess and I have always wanted to learn how to develop film. We have talked about it. We even went to school to learn it, but it turned out the year that we went to school for photography was when they took out their darkroom. It was a sad state of affairs for the both of us. Finally after graduating photography school, talking about wanting to do it for so long and just going with the flow it has come around.
One night, we met a fellow photographer at a friends of Black Bayou get together. His name is Rocky Boudreaux. and he has been in the photography industry for quite awhile. We got to talking and Jess had brought up about shooting film and wanting to develop it. Rocky welcomed us to his home and showed us his style of developing film. He showed us how to un-spool the film and separate it out from the paper, spool it around the holder, (while in complete & utter darkness), place it in developer and fixer and to rinse it out.
He processes black and white (which we thought we had brought but turns out we didn’t) and we only had color film so….naturally we just cross processed the film. Which turned out to be a first for everyone! We all learned something new and we had a blast doing it. Its a lot of fun to get back to the basics and get away from all the technical stuff once in awhile!

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