We Should Take A Selfie

The selfie. You can find them everywhere, on peoples phones, instagram, twitter and tablets and millions of them on the internet. There are all types of selfies, individual ones, couple ones, group ones. There are sad ones, happy ones, drunk ones, silly ones, sexy ones and even ones that you have to wonder why the person is taking the time out of whatever huge thing is happening to take one.
As silly as selfies are in most cases, there are ways to get better ones if you really want them. Since they don’t seem to be going away, we at Dark Light Photo Studios decided to help with a few tips on how to make yours better. Remember, even though these are quick, silly pics of you, they are probably gonna be seen by multiple people. So, put your best face forward!!!
Tips for a better selfie:
1. Stop with the “duck lips”: for some reason people think duck lips are cute. Unless your a duck, they aren’t. Its not cute, not sexy and not even remotely attractive, despite the lies people will tell you on Facebook or your dating profile.
2.Low angles are almost NEVER good: Nobody wants to see up your nose. Holding the phone/camera/tablet whatever at a low angle (ie: lower then your head) can also give you extra chins and who wants that? Keep the camera at head level or even better, just slightly higher.
3. Look at the phone/camera when you take the selfie: Looking straight ahead while holding your phone to the side is weird. Its not natural. Unless your goal is to get that StepBrothers, gazing off into the distance look, make eye contact with the camera.
4. Think of your lighting: You don’t have to be a professional photographer to know that when you take a picture in the dark, its gonna be dark. It will be hard to see you and the picture will be grainy and very possibly out of focus. Natural light almost always looks great, so stand by a window or door. At the very least, turn on some lamps inside, instead of just lighting a candle.
5. If its fuzzy, take it again: Unless you are photographing yourself running from a bull or skydiving or something, you can probably take the couple seconds to retake a fuzzy picture. It only takes a second and if your gonna do it, why do it with only 1/2 the effort?
6. Stop photo shopping yourself into someone you aren’t: Girls wanna be skinnier or have bigger “assets”, guys want muscles they’ve never had, but trust me, people can tell when you have photo shopped yourself that way. Unless you are very proficient in photo editing, it will be obvious. And guess what, even if they can’t see it in the picture, it will be very noticeable in person. If you look 125 lbs on your dating profile but then show up at your date and weigh considerably more, it will be noticed. Be yourself. Your beautiful just how you are, regardless of your size, shape, muscle tone, eye color, bootyliciousness or biceps. If someone doesn’t like it, tell them to kick rocks and keep on moving.

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