Why Portraits Are Important

I hate to start this off with a sad tale, but I want to make sure you understand where I’m coming from. I used to work for a portrait studio in a different state years ago that did school day photography. We would go from school to school taking hundreds of pictures of all the kids in the school. (We’ve all been there and many of you probably still have some of those pictures from back in the day. Its a great way to remember how bad our hair/clothes/skin whatever was)

Anyway, on more then 1 occasion, the studio got calls from families who were in tragedy. They had lost a child, unexpectedly, and the school picture we had taken of their child was the last professional portrait they had. Could they get a copy of it? The studio would print them out a large portrait to be displayed at the funeral and for the family to have.
The reason I tell you this because portraits are important. I certainly don’t wish that anyone looses a family member, but in the real world, things happen. Accidents, illness and unexpected events take people out of our lives. All you will have left of that person are images of their life, and who wants to be remembered strickly from phone selfies and an occasional blurry picture at a tourist spot?
Portraits of you, your family, your children & your friends are wonderful things to have. They give you something to look at from time to time when  your reminiscing or to make you smile when your sad. They are a great thing to hand down to your children and grand children and great grand children. They capture a moment in time in your life that will pass you by and never happen the same way again.
I encourage you all to get formal portraits done. They may be a bit more expensive then a phone picture and take a little more time then a snapshot but they will be worth it for years to come.

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