Small Budget for Wedding Photography

Nothing hurts more than missing the photography for your wedding. If anything please make sure you budget a good amount of money for your photography, because that is the most valuable part of your wedding. You will always want portraits of you, your mate, and everybody who attended.
Now, we know not everybody can afford that great all day top tier package that we offer and if all you can afford is the lowest package that we have well that is fine. We can work with that and this is how….
As we have stated in our previous posts about wedding photography tips (take a look at all the past posts) – It comes down to scheduling. Making sure that everything is scheduled out properly and hand it to your photographer. Make sure that everything starts on time. You want getting ready images…be partially ready i.e. have your hair mostly done, make up done except lips and eyes, put the dress on last.
Make a list of all the images you want and make everybody, who is involved, aware that they have to be accesible to get the photos done at a certain time.
Do Bridal and Groom Portraits ahead of the wedding date.
Do a first look
Schedule the daddy-daughter dance, first dance with husband, cake cutting, bouquet toss and everything else close to each other.
Once all the important items for your photography are done you can rest, relax, and enjoy the rest of your wedding celebration with ease and joy.
Also remember if you have budgeted for a bigger better package, Dark Light Photo Studios takes payments. This way you don’t have to pay it all off at once. Just as long as it is paid for at least a week before your wedding date.

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