Research and Hire a Pro Photographer

Ok, so we have all heard the horror stories about couples who pay for a photographer and the photographer doesn’t show up. Or they show up, then the pictures are terrible. Or the pictures are fine, but you only ever see a couple images on Facebook and you never get your copies. Unfortunately it happens. Every profession has people in it who really shouldn’t be. Your job as a potential client is to do your research! Look at images by photographers you are considering. Ask them questions. Get references or read reviews. People with nothing to hide will be happy to answer questions and get you information. Please don’t base your choice solely on how much it costs. If you hire a wedding photographer who is only going to charge you a couple hundred dollars and give you all the images on a CD, trust me when I say the pictures will look like they cost a couple hundred dollars.

I also want to stress this point….YOU ONLY GET 1 SHOT AT GREAT WEDDING PICTURES!!! You cannot do-over a wedding espscially if it was a destination wedding. Everyone goes home, flowers wilt, food is eaten. If you find out a month later that your pictures are lousy, there is nothing you can do about it at that point. Even if you get your money back, your pictures will still be lousy. It’s not like a family session where you can go back out to your location with your 5 family members in the same outfits and pose next to a tree. You can’t do that with your wedding, and you shouldn’t have to. Hire someone who will get it right the first time!

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