Why You Should Order Portrait Prints from Your Session

We all know this is the digital age. Practically everyone has taken thousands of phone pictures and uploaded them to Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or thrown them on the Cloud and almost immediately forgotten about them. You have them online, so you figure you can always go back and look at them later. That’s true. After you sift through the millions of photos you have out there, you might find that one image that you really liked. Maybe. Or you just get bored or distracted and give up looking.

This is why you need prints. I’m not talking about a couple of wallet or 4×6 size prints. I’m talking about something you can hang on the wall, or put in a frame on the book case. Something that you will see when you go in your house, or when you sit in the living room. Something that people who visit can look at, compliment and share the joy that you have in that memory. Just remember this is a memory you want to showcase and share. This is something you can pass down to your kids, your grandkids or your great-grandkids.

Portraits are important. They attach us to a past that we will never live again. They help remind us of people who we’ve lost. They make us laugh at old memories that perhaps we had forgotten until we see a picture. They show the younger, newer generations how it was “in the old days”

I’m not telling you that you should go out and pay for hundreds of prints. I’m saying take the time and spend the money on a couple of nice, larger portraits or on a custom made album. You will never regret having pictures of your loved ones where you can see them.

3 Dusty & Tyler

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