Why Dark Light Photo Studios Doesn’t Offer Images on a CD

We get this question all the time…do you put the images on a CD and give us a print release?

The simple answer is NO. But I’ll tell you what we do and why.

  • We go through your images, one at a time and make sure that it looks the way it’s supposed to look.
  • We adjust color balance (if necessary), do basic retouching, crop your images, make sure the lighting is correct and take out that zit that showed up the day of your wedding or portrait session.
  • We do (usually) go through your pictures with you, so that you can see them before anyone else does.
  • We do put them into an online gallery after you view them so that you can share them with your family & friends.
  • You can also download them onto social media sites, but they are not big enough to print.

So, people ask, why don’t we allow clients to print their own images? The reason is…QUALITY.

We put a lot of time into your images. Not just in taking them, but in the post production. If we were to give you a disk of images, chances are you would get them printed at Walmart or Walgreens or CVS or somewhere else that we have no control over. Then you will show people those pictures and when they ask who took them, you will give them our name. The problem with that is that we can’t assure the print quality. That print might have a weird color tint, be to light, to dark or be printed on bad paper. We don’t want our name associated with badly printed images.

We print all of our images through a professional photo lab. They are more expensive, but the paper is high quality, the ink is high quality and the people who work there know what they are doing. Then we get the image back from the lab and go over it ourselves to make sure it looks the way it should. When we are 100% sure the portrait looks great, then you get it. We wouldn’t want you to hang a poorly printed image in your home.

So no, we will not give you a CD of your images. But we will give you a high quality, professionally printed portrait that we and you can be proud to display and share.

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