Our Wedding Packages

If you have talked to us about, or seen our wedding price lists you might be confused. Most photographers have wedding packages that include various size prints in different quantities right? Well, ours doesn’t. Why? Because we don’t know what you like or want or what works for you.

If we offer you a package and include random print sizes with that package, then that’s what you get. Whether you want those sizes or not, that’s what’s included. It’s like ordering food at a restaurant and having to pay for the Brussel Sprouts because they are included, even though you hate them and will never eat them.

Our packages include a photo credit. What that means is that you pay for (some) of your prints up front, but you get to choose what sizes, how many and whether you want paper or canvas prints or even albums. You can mix and match sizes and types as much as you need to, to fit your home and your style. We want you to customize to your hearts content.

We have prints of all sizes, as well as albums, available A La Carte and you can get whatever you need, rather then what we tell you that you need. Yay for freedom of choice!!!

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