Vacation to Cape Cod

So, March 25th I went to Cape Cod, MA for the 1st time for a mini vacation. I am originally from the North East (Vermont) and have spent a great deal of time in Massachusetts but never been to Cape Cod. So, I collaborated with the females in my Immediate family, we rented a beach house and headed to the Cape. Now, Cape Cod is known as a huge tourist attracting in the summer, as it is full of beach house rentals and beaches stretching for miles. Figuring we would go before the tourist season, we booked for the end of March. Little did we know that Boston and the surrounding area would have one of the worst winters they have had in years and years. Well over 6 ft of snow I believe. So naturally it was still cold and snowy when we arrived. But that did not deter us from enjoying ourselves. It was a fun 4 days of sight seeing, picture taking, going out to eat and just spending time together. I don’t see my family very often, so it was nice to be around them for a few days and just hang out. Vacation gave me a chance to get away from work and to clear my head a bit and relax. It was definitely much needed. I advise you all to take one, even if only for a few days!

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