We Now Do Family Portrait Sessions

OK, admittedly, I wanted to title this “we will shoot your family” but we decided that might not come off very nice. So I changed it to the current title. The point is to let you know that we have expanded beyond weddings to include family portraits.
We do all of our shoots on location and we have various packages available for a family session. We can go to a place like Black Bayou or antique alley or we can even come to your house and do your pictures in your back yard if you want. Anywhere that you think family pictures would look nice, we will make it work.
Family portraits are important to have. Unfortunatly you never know when something will happen to someone and you do not want to have nothing left but a blurry selfie taken on a crappy cell phone. Also, they are a good time to get the famly together and have some fun.
Traditionally, family portraits were very stiff, formal and posed. Not anymore. Of course we will give you direction and help you with how & where to stand, but often, the best images are those that are candid and spontaneous. We always do a few posed pictures, so that everyone is looking at the camera and has their eyes open, but beyond that, we love to get the little fun moments. We want you to enjoy yourselves and we want to have fun as well.
Like I said, we have various packages available for our family sessions and we charge the same regardless of how many people are in the picture. As with all of our other pictures, we want you to love them, so we want you to have nothing but our best.
To book a family session, email us at darklightphotostudios@outlook.com or call us at 318-503-2147
fam011 fam009 fam008 fam004

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