Children and Family Portrait Timing

If you are trying to schedule a portrait session for your children or of the entire familly with your little children, please keep in mind their naptimes and lunch time. It’s not just about lighting. We have to take into consideration when they the happiest and most cooperative? Trust me when I say you as the parent or person paying for the portrait session will not be happy if the portraits taken are of you struggling with your child and the portrait session itself will be less stressful when everyone is cooperative. Just keep in mind that we are all involved if one person is unhappy and the mood is tense the portrait will not look great.

One great helpful tip that I can bestow on you: When your child is just standing around in front of the camera and is not smiling or is in a bad mood please do not threaten to discipline your child while the portrait session is going. This only deepens the negative mood and tension that your child is in. Let the photographer try a few things to lighten the mood or entertain your child or you yourself can entertain them. Sometimes a break just may be needed.

If all else fails we can always reschedule. We try to work with what we have but sometimes things can’t be helped. We are flexible and we always want you to remember us for having a fun great portrait session.

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