Baby’s First Year

Most parents love to document their child’s everyday life. We get it.  We don’t mean that you should have us come to your house everyday. That would be very, very expensive. What we do mean though is that after that great maternity portrait, do a newborn portrait and schedule out the 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 1st birthday sessions!
Those are vital times in a babies life. 3 months is when a baby is holding their head up, 6 months is when your baby is sitting up and 9 months is probably about the time when your baby is standing and trying to take their first steps. Also the 1st birthday session is a great time to do a cake smash portrait as well as document your baby at that stage of life. They grow up so fast and so many things change in the first year, and getting regular portrait sessions is a great way to document those changes. After all this we can create a babys first year album so that you can have these moments to cherish.

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