Coordinate with Your Photographer

As your photographers, we try to consult with you so that you can be best prepared for your portrait session. However,we can’t just go in your closet and pull outfits for the entire family or for you depending on the portrait session you are having. Sure we can blog and give you vast amounts of information on what to wear and what to do but calling, emailing or texting us can be just as quick. Depending on the portrait session that you are having whether it’s your wedding, family or children’s portrait session coordinating with your photographer is important. After you have scheduled your appointment it’s not just show up and here we go. Although time & location are very important, here are a few key pieces of information we would love to have:
• We have to know the number of people that are having their portraits taken. This helps us advise you on what to wear so that nobody stands out as the oddball. Who knows, maybe you do want them to stick out but that can be acheived by posing. Just let us know.
• We have to know if there is a special person included in the picture, such as a grandparent that you would like to be the focal point of the images.
• We need to know who doesn’t get along with each other. This helps us know where to place family members.
• Does anyone have special needs
• Are there any particular poses or pictures that you are looking for.
• Is there a special occasion for the portrait.
Just know that any bit of information that you think can be helpful probably is. Its better for us to have too much information than not enough. This way your portrait can be stress free.
If we don’t coordinate sometimes you can end up with a portrait that is best known as a “snap-shot” and just doesn’t look professional, just like the photo that was taken for the main shot of this blog post. We definitely don’t want your portraits to come out like this. Anybody can take this shot. It is obviously noticeable that nothing was coordinated and everything was done last minute and rushed.

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