What Dark Light Photo Studios Can Do For You

As professional photographers, we at Dark Light Photo Studios recognize that there are things we can, and do, supply to our clients that they probably wouldn’t receive if they had their “friend with a nice camera” take their portraits. (Unless that friend happens to be a professional photographer, then that person will probably agree with this list) We know that sometimes the temptation to let your friend or family member do your portraits is great, especially because they are probably doing it for very cheap or free. Remember these words: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

Here is just a sample what we can do and supply to our clients

  1. Come to your photography session, whether it be a senior, child, family, engagement or wedding, with the confidence that we have done this before. Many, many times.
  2. Have two photographers at your portrait session. One who is doing the photographing while the other assists to make you look the best you possibly can. Unless it’s a wedding then we are both photographing and assisting each other.
  3. Review & if needed, professionally retouch your portraits in Photoshop
  4. Print your portraits at a professional photo lab
  5. Provide high quality portrait products ex…photo albums, announcements, etc…
  6. Upload your portraits to a professional online gallery where you can view and share them with your friends and family for years to come
  7. Say that we at Dark Light have combined professional photography experience of over 16 years
  8. Give you your prints beautifully packaged, so that they do not get dented, covered in finger prints, have coffee spilled on them, or be left in the car in the sun
  9. Accept credit cards

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