The Importance of a Child’s Portrait

To often we have come across families that haven’t gotten their child’s portrait done since their first year in school, and that’s from school portraits. Often times the most recent picture you have is just a snapshot taken with your phone. What’s becoming even more commonplace is there are no portraits being taken of children and that’s because of the convenience of the camera-phone.  We understand that you are happy with those but those images are not providing you quality nor are they getting printed. You just save or post them on facebook just to share with your family and friends, and thats ok!
We know that children grow up fast. Superfast even. Moments get missed and you think oh well we can get portraits done next time or you have intentions of getting them taken and then get busy and forget. Things happen and get in the way. We understand all of that. But, before you know it, your child has turned 18 and is getting ready to move on to college. Even worse, what if something tragic has happened and you look back and think “All I have is just a few phone images of my child.” We don’t want you to look back and wish you had taken the time. Portraits are precious, priceless even.
Now we could say you could get portraits done every six months or every year. We would love that but that doesn’t have to be done. What you could do is get good high quality portraits that will last a lifetime.
We, meaning Dark Light Photo Studios, do everything on location. We can come out to you. The beauty of this is that we can work around your schedule and come out to where you are. You don’t have to have the studio style, boring, posed in front of a fake background kind of image. Your backyard,  your neighborhood or even the local park are wonderful choices that can look great and will be more personal to you. .
If you don’t want that but would like “studio style” we have the equipment that we can pack and set up in your garage or home. We can make it happen so that you can have those important portraits of your child/children. Don’t miss out on great portraits just because you have your camera-phone.

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