The scourge of the cell phone

We are begging you, future brides & grooms…..please, please, please tell your guests to leave their phones in the car, in their purse or in their pocket during your wedding. Especially the ceremony! As a wedding photographer, I can’t tell you the number of times I have gone to take a picture, only to have a guest step in front of me with their phone held high. Or to have taken a wide shot of the church during the ceremony, and in the picture, you can see tons of little screens glaring brightly through the whole picture. I have been pushed, stepped on, yelled at and given the death stare by guests who feel I was in the way of their shot. I have also had to take 4 or 5 pictures of the same formal shot because the people in the picture were looking at the cell phones beside me rather then at my camera.

Most wedding photographers have a clause in our contract that states that secondary photographers are not allowed and that we are the sole photographer. Trust me when I say that your pictures will turn out infinitely better if you tell your guests to put their phones, tablets and cameras away. We understand that people want a picture and want to have a photo for themselves, but take my word for it when I say that you should squash that. You are paying us to be there and to take pictures, which I might add will come out much better then what the guests get. Request that your guests just be there, in the moment and enjoy themselves and not worry about getting pictures. If they just have to have a picture of you and your husband, request that they do that at the reception, at a time when you are mingling, not in the middle of an important moment.

If you can do this, I promise you that your professional pictures will look better and we, as your photographer, will be able to catch all the important moments of the 2 of you, rather then of some random guest and their phone.

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