Welcome to the family

As most of you know, all personalities don’t get along. The same thing goes for photography. Each photographer has their own style, their own way of doing things and their own preferences of what they like.

There is nothing wrong with traditional, with knowing exactly what you want and wanting things your way. If you are a bridezilla that’s your prerogative. If you have a very specific, detailed, itemized list of what you want, that’s your business. I’m sure that you will find a photographer that will mesh with you perfectly.

For us, here at Dark Light Photo Studios, we know exactly who we like to work with and who likes to work with us. We have found that we work best with people who are laid back, open to suggestions, love to have fun, laugh and joke around and who are willing to think a bit outside the box. We work better with people who are open to trying unconventional things, who know what they want but are willing to try other things as well.

We also want our clients to feel like friends. We can be friends on Facebook, you can email us with any questions you have, after your photo session is over and all is said and done, we can even hang out. Once a client, always a member of the Dark Light Photo Studios family!


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