Happy New Years Eve!

Well, its New Years Eve and 2016 is looming on the horizon. Its  a time of change…a new calendar, a new year. People will make resolutions and some will succeed, some will fail. I know the gym will get super busy for about 2 months.

Just like in our personal lives, here at Dark Light, we set some goals for 2016 as well. You will see them happen throughout the year, and while some may be obvious (price changes anyone?), there will be some behind the scenes changes as well. I won’t bore you with details, but I will say that we plan on succeeding on all of them, with your help.

So whatever changes you decide to make in 2016, I hope that they are for the better and I hope that they are successful. May you lose that weight, get that promotion, find true love, have a baby, buy a house, take a vacation or whatever else you are hoping to accomplish!

Please be safe and we will see you next year!!!

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