The age no one photographs

Think back years ago (some of us have to remember back further then others), before you became a teenager. Go back to when you were 10, 11 or 12. That space in time when you felt to old to be a kid, but not old enough to be a teen. The awkwardness was there, you may have been bullied in school, you weren’t quite sure where you fit in. That is the age no one photographs. It’s some of the forgotten years in terms of many peoples photos.

There is a lot of emphasis on getting newborn portraits, 1 yr pictures, and senior portraits. You get photographed for graduations, proms and homecomings. But what about the kids who aren’t there yet. Doesn’t that age deserve its own recognition?

We are now doing “This is Me” sessions. These sessions are for kids ages 10-12. We believe that this is an important, but often overlooked, age. We want to make your child feel like a star, even if only for a little bit. We want to give them beautiful portraits that they can share with their friends, similar to what a senior would do. We want all kids to feel good about themselves. To give them that self esteem boost that can come with fantastic photos. We want them to express themselves and show everyone “THIS IS ME”.

Call or email us today to set up your session for your “tween”

Tween (1)

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