Vacation in Orange Beach, AL

Sometimes, you just have to go on vacation. Even if its a short one, its good to get away and get out of the daily routine for a couple of days. We have been talking about going to Orange Beach, AL for over a year and never have time. So, this month we finally blocked out a weekend and hit the road.

We left Thursday afternoon and wearing our comfy travel clothes, hit the road. Along the way, we decided that we were doing all local all the way. We stopped in Magee, MS at Zips Cafe for a famous Zips Burger. There, our waiter told us that he is the first guy to work at Zips the whole time its been in existence. (60+ years). Thomas was awesome and we appreciate how friendly he was.

In Orange Beach we had a beautiful view! (Please ignore the quality of the pictures. They were done with a phone)

In our 2 days there, we managed to go to Pensacola, FL to get Key Lime pie from Flounders Chowder House. It was the biggest pieces of pie I have ever seen and took 2 days to eat. Amazing though and if your ever in the area, you should definitely check it out. We also saw this awesome old-timey car, so just had to share that!

We also climbed a light house, went mini-golfing and did some shopping. What’s a vacation without a souvenir t-shirt?

Over all, it was a fantastic little get away and we were able to get some much needed time away. I was sad to leave, but life must go on!

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