Summer Vacation in Vermont

Well, it’s that time of year again….”schools out for summer!”(Alice Cooper) As a child, this was of course one of the best times of year. I grew up in Vermont, which is mostly rural country. In the summers, my siblings, some of the kids that lived on our road and myself would spend the days riding bikes,swimming, climbing trees, running around and generally entertaining ourselves.

My mom would kick us out of the house in the morning, with the warning of “I don’t want to see you til lunch”. We would spend hours riding our bikes around the top of a neighbors driveway, because it was the only paved area for miles. We built forts, slept under the stars, ran around in the rain in our bathing suits and went on the yearly family camping trip to a local lake. There, we would spend hours fishing, swimming and running around in the woods. All in all, it was a fun, adventurous childhood and I feel bad for kids who can’t have that experience.

I think that most kids these days don’t have the same luxuries that we had then. We didn’t play video games or stare at our phones. We couldn’t afford to go on fancy vacations to resorts in tourist destinations and we wouldn’t dream of having a computer in the house to share every detail of our lives on Facebook. We did have fun though. We learned valuable life lessons. We learned how to entertain ourselves, how to play, how to be imaginative and how to have fun, and quite frankly, that is more important to me, even today, then anything money could buy.


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