10 Things a Groom can do to Help His Bride

So we always hear or read about how the bride should have a timeline over and over again but we never hear anything about what the groom’s timeline should be. Sorry fellas but to tell you the truth you too have a timeline as well.

Sure we think or believe that it’s all about the bride but truly it’s about the both of you. We like to involve the groom in EVERYTHING. After all it is just as much about the guy as it is about the girl. Well, it’s slightly more about the girl but the guy is a big part of it. Ok I digress.

So guys here is a timeline for you. Feel free to write it down, copy it, or screenshot it. You will look AMAZING if you have a plan. Trust us!

  1. BE HER ROCK – The whole time while everything is being planned be her rock. Show your support and help her out. Planning a wedding can be stressful especially if only one person is doing it. Take some of the load off of her.
  2. Choose your Groomsmen – Do this 1 year before your wedding date. Once you got this down she can help pick her bridesmaids. Well, if you pick them both at the same time you can make a game of it. One thing that helps is to keep the number low. This will help you have a great bridal party and besides LESS is MORE!
  3. Start a Bridal Registry – 9 months before. This is a great way to get the items you need/want. Just remember not everybody tends to follow the registry but most will and that’s OK. Just price a great range of items from low cost to high cost.
  4. Start Exercising – 8+ months before. Trust us here. Your soon to be bride is going to great lengths to look AMAZING in her dress. Unless you were born with abs you should do the same to look great in your tux. We know not everybody will have abs when it’s all said and done but we can all do our best. Besides, the health benefits to being fit and healthy will also be great.
  5. What’s it Gonna Be: Tux or Suit? – 6-7 months before. This is the time to decide will you wear a Tux or a Suit or will you go with the rustic theme and do jeans, vest and boots. Remember you gotta match the style of her dress and your wedding theme. No matter what, you guys will look AMAZING.
  6. Plan that amazing Honeymoon! – 4 months before. Guys…let me tell you we had a great couple. The groom surprised his bride with an amazing honeymoon. She had no idea where they were going until she got to the airport. All he told her was to pack two bags for two different climates. One was for a colder climate and the other was for a warm climate. He just grabbed the bag that they were going to need. Needless to say we thought that was an amazing gesture.
  7.  It’s Vow Writing Time – 2 months before. Alright we know this can be difficult and a bit tedious, but really you wanted to marry your mate for a reason. Think deep down inside what made you fall in love with that person. How did you know you wanted to marry this person?
  8. Get your Groomsmen a Gift – 1 month before. We know that weddings are and can be a big expense. Your guys are also spending money on their tuxes, suits or outfits to be cohesive with your outfit of choice. They are taking time out of their schedule to support you and your future mate. Show them some gratitude and get them a gift. You don’t have to go all out it’s the gesture that counts.
  9. It’s Go Time! Get that Tux and Get Groomed – The week of. Pick up that tux and get ready to get married. Get your hair cut, get manicured and manscaped if need be. The time is coming up and you’re doing this!
  10. Thank you notes – After the wedding. Write out your thank you’s to all your gift givers and supporters. Without them you would have had way more stress.

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