Sam: The Busy Bee!

Let’s give Sam a great big welcome into the Dark Light Photo Studios family as well as a thank you for joining the Senior Model Rep program that we have going on for a few of our 2017 seniors. Tony has known Sam and her mom for quite awhile. They met at Tiger Rock when Tony did TaeKwon Do and she is getting ready to test for her fourth degree black belt.

Aside from teaching kids TaeKwon Do, Sam’s busy summer schedule includes working two other jobs, spending weekends at the lake, hunting and driving around in her favorite truck with friends. She likes all kinds of music, her favorite musician being Marilyn Manson. Her favorite movie is Nightmare Before Christmas. Tim Burton is a genius! She LOVES giraffes and sleeping!

At West Ouachita Sam enjoys lunch (but who doesn’t, right?), Spanish, drama, Latin and football. When she graduates she hopes to go into the military and become a cardiac surgeon. We hope everything works out as Sam plans and that her schedule doesn’t get to busy otherwise she won’t be sleeping much. LOL! Good Luck Sam and congratulations on being one of West Ouachita’s 2017 Seniors!

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