Tony’s Senior Year!

With the 2017 senior year happening it makes me think of my senior year. I didn’t think it would pass by so quickly. Well, I can barely remember any of it. I can honestly say though that I felt like I was going to conquer the world once I graduated. haha. Boy did I get that wrong!

That year, school had started off pretty close to my birthday. I was gifted with a blue truck that honked as I turned the steering wheel. Oh big blue. She broke down. I had been working as a grocery store cashier at (Grider’s Costs Less) Woohoo if you’re from Oklahoma City, you’d know that grocery store is a classic. It no longer exists and it still get’s called Grider’s. I got to make some new friends and catch up with some old ones. Also I attended high school for half a day while going to vocational school the other half learning commercial art and graphic design.

The holidays came and went by quickly. On Thanksgiving we got fat belly’s and ate some amazing pumpkin pie. Christmas Eve came and as family tradition dictates we got to make homemade tamales. (Jess says they are amazing and she craves them. I didn’t know Jess at this time but later on she got to enjoy those tasty morsels in 2009.) After working so hard in the kitchen for tamales my grandmother and I went to midnight mass. On Christmas night we all gathered together ate those delicious tamales and opened presents. New Year’s Eve was GREAT! We had an awesome party! Although, the next day I paid for it at work.

Spring was quickly approaching and with spring came testing and the ever favorite…Spring Break! I didn’t do anything to special for spring break. It was filled with work, hangout with friends, played pool and work some more.

Finally, the big day came or should I say days,  Graduation Day! I got to graduate both high school and vocational school. Even though my senior year flew by quickly there are some great memories that I made along the way.

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