8 Things the Wedding Couple Can’t Forget on the Wedding Day

So we are always coming up with things you should do but we decided this time to make a list of things you CAN’T or should we say SHOULDN’T forget.

  • The Alarm! – We know, we know this is an obvious item but through all the hustle and bustle and jitters and nerves it can be forgotten. You know to take it further you could set the alarm to your wedding day schedule.
  • Breakfast – Everybody has to eat. Even if you don’t normally eat breakfast or you’re to nervous to eat breakfast eat anyways. You’re day is going to be busy and hectic and you may not know for sure when you will eat again during your wedding day. Besides, if you’re standing at the alter and your stomachs rumble it may be a surprising event that happens.
  • Treat Your Soon – to – be Wife/Husband – On the morning of your wedding day and you’ve spent an hour or so apart from each other feeling the pains of love getting ready you could surprise each other with a little gift. It doesn’t have to be fancy or something extraordinary but it should be thoughtful.
  • Look Your Best – Yes this is an obvious one, and we know the bride is going to do spectacularly at looking her best. This is more for the grooms. It’s not just getting up and throwing on the suit. It’s showering properly, shaving etc… Anything that can help you look your best, calm and ready will do wonders!
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Say NO! – Drinks will go around like skittles but trust me you don’t want to remember your day as a big blur. Even more so you don’t want a bad hangover the next day either. Just say NO and don’t be afraid to.
  • Keep Hydrated – This kind of goes hand in hand with breakfast in the fact that your day is going to be busy. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. That suit and wedding dress can get hot. Especially if you have a summer wedding. Plus you will be doing loads of talking with everybody.
  • The Rings – This is a big one. You definitely don’t want to forget those beauties. Put them on a necklace and have them on you this way you know where they are at all times.
  • The Plan – It’s your schedule for the day. You have both been planning it for so long and it’s down to the wire. Study it. Memorize it. Go over it or have a copy on you somewhere. This will keep you on point and in the know of what is going on.

Just remember this day will go quickly and is quite busy. You will be exhausted when the day finishes but it is truly a great day you will always remember.

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