Trick or Treat! Let’s be Safe

Everyone knows that trick or treating is all about having some fun, but let’s do it safely.

Here are 10 ways to stay safe this Halloween!

  1. Plan a route in advance: This will ensure that you can get in and out safely without getting lost in a location that you are not used to.
  2. Be Comfy: Trick or treating is a big deal! You could be out there for hours. All that trekking is killer on your feet so be prepared and wear some loose clothing as well as comfy shoes. For your child you want to make sure that they are not going to trip all the way to those doors with a costume that is dragging on the ground. So make sure they have an appropriate length costume.
  3. Carry flash lights: It gets dark out there early so make sure you have illumination with you so that you don’t end up with the wrong person walking along with you and on the wrong path. This will also help drivers see you on the street.
  4. Go to the porch with your kids: Make sure that kids know to only accept treats at the doorway. Better yet go up to the porch with them or at least make sure an adult stays with them.
  5. Walk, don’t Run: This is always a given, but we know it’s exciting to get free candy. Let’s make sure they understand to not run, as they could hurt themselves if they trip over something that leads up to a person’s doorway.
  6. Avoid the dark: Dark houses, dark clothing, dark anything. We must remember if the house is dark or if there are no porch lights on the treats are not being handed out. Plus we want to be able to see the little children. Same goes for costume choice. Let’s get the bright outfits so they are easier to see out at night.
  7. Stranger Danger: When everyone is in a group make sure you know who everyone is. We definitely don’t want someone who could be sketchy in the group.
  8. Be Buddies: Don’t go at it alone. Find a friend or two and go in a group. This will ensure more fun for the kids and the parents. Remember, there is safety in numbers.
  9. Try Face paint instead of a mask: Masks can be hard to see through, breath in and they get hot!
  10.  Make them wait: You always, ALWAYS want to go through the candy first. This will give you a chance to toss out the open/ripped candy and anything questionable that was made from someone you don’t know. Plus you can pay yourselves in your favorite candy. You drove them around so treat yourself.

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