10 Ways to Help You Survive the Holidays

  1. Eggnog. Lots of eggnog. Maybe even the “adult” version if that’s what you like.
  2. Do something that isn’t holiday themed. Example: watch a summer time movie or deal with the cold to grill burgers.
  3. Play a harmless but entertaining prank on your friends, family or children. An example would be to put glue traps down around your fire place on Christmas eve. Stick a pair of socks and boots to them. Then put bare-foot, sooty footprints on the floor. Tell the kids you almost caught Santa!
  4. Get out of the house and exercise. This can be as simple as going for a walk.
  5. Do a family activity like caroling, drive around looking at Christmas lights or even build gingerbread houses together.
  6. Filibuster your toast at the big family dinner. Talk about any and every topic you can think of.
  7. Get your kids together to put on a holiday play or skit for your family. It will occupy the kids and be entertaining for visitors.
  8. Give back to your community. Its never to early to teach your kids the value of helping others. Volunteer at a food bank, pick a name off an angel tree, donate gently used jackets & clothes or donate a new toy to a local drive.
  9. Take time out of the rush to relax. Read a book, drink some hot chocolate or take a bath.
  10. Have fun! Remember that the holidays are not about how much  money you spend or how many presents you get. Enjoy being around your family and maybe seeing people you only see once a year.

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