5 Ways to Survive Christmas Craziness

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, and the crazy epic nuttiness that we call Christmas is approaching, we figured we’d come up with a few ways you can survive it….hopefully, without pulling your hair out.

  1. Get the family together, and by family I mean you, your spouse and maybe children if you have them and take time out and go to the park. Take a breather from the Christmas shopping and lists of tons of things you gotta do.
  2. Don’t go all out on shopping. Create something from the heart. It’s more well thought out and is very much appreciated. You don’t have to buy the biggest and greatest gift out there.
  3. Try and do something out of the ordinary. Be spontaneous and come up with a new tradition.
  4. Get away from Christmas all together. Watch a summer time movie, listen to music not related to Christmas or simply get unplugged and read a book.
  5. Go to a holiday party. With the holiday season a foot there are sure to be parties happening. If not, find an activity that is going on like a Christmas play, concert, etc… and attend it. Sometimes you may even find a free event happening.

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