It’s a Wrap

As the year draws to an end and a NEW YEAR is beginning, we like to look back and summarize all the things that have happened for us. So much has happened and we have definitely been busy but we are so very thankful to everyone who has chosen us to take part in their lives. Whether it was for your wedding, senior, friendship, family or children portraits, we are very appreciative of you and thank you so much for becoming a member of the Dark Light family!

This year we attended more conferences & conventions then ever before. We did this so that we could further our knowledge and education, in order to provide you with even better photography & customer service. We have made new friends along the way and kept up with our tradition in participating in the worldwide Help Portrait event held every December. Jess participated in a couple of print competitions and even won a few awards for her work. We continued with our meetup photography group here in Monroe and had some fantastic outings with some amazing models, both male & female. We also hosted a Senior day at Kiroli park for the class of 2017 and it was a big hit. We had a blast!!! Last but not least, we really worked on making our customer service even better for our clients and we have really enjoyed getting to know so many new people!

This year was great and we hope that next year can be as terrific if not better! We look forward to the challenge and hope that you can be there with us. So let’s make 2017 a wonderful year!!!


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