Getting our education on!

We are back in full force! The past couple weeks we have been busy with learning and furthering our education. We spent 4 days in San Antonio for our yearly attendance at PPA’s annual convention, Imaging USA. There we took workshops to learn new techniques in photography and to draw inspiration from others, as well as from our surroundings. Not only were we there to learn, we were also checking out products! Not just to see what is new but to also check out the quality of the product being offered. We like to make sure that the prints, albums and products we are giving our clients are well made and beautiful.

Once Imaging came to a close, we were on the road again to Patterson, LA to the amazing Jim and Karla of LA Portrait Gallery. Jim and Karla are an amazing couple. We met them through our state organization, PPLA. Both are photographers, and Jim is Louisiana famous! At least in the photography world. LOL.

We attended a week long class that was hosted by them and taught by Jim. There we found out what we needed to improve on and what we need to study for our CPP (certified professional photographer) exam. The title of CPP tells you that not only do we know what we are doing, but also that we are serious about our craft and that we strive to improve ourselves in photography. We hope to have the exam and images completed, submitted and accepted by June!

Taking a boat ride at the Riverwalk
Imaging with 2 fellow photographers
Learning lots from Jim
Tony being photographized

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