We have arrived!

Well, we have been in Tampa for about 3 weeks now. It’s definitely a change from Monroe, LA. The traffic here is hectic and constant. Luckily, u-turns are popular here and with out of state plates, we can get away with not knowing where we are going and driving a little crazy sometimes.

There are a HUGE variety of restaurants just in the area of Tampa that we live. In the first couple of weeks, we had Mediterranean, Korean, Colombian, American,  Greek, Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, Chinese and who knows what else. OK, OK, we’ve spent a lot of time eating.

We have joined a Kickboxing gym and that is cause for some fun times followed by a lot of moaning and groaning when it comes to being able to move afterwards. BUT, it is a lot of fun and we are going to be in butt-kicking shape in no time.

Of course there are beaches everywhere. We are about 20 minutes from the beach (if the traffic is moving steadily). The beaches are beautiful and so far, it hasn’t been so hot that you can’t enjoy them.

We are just over an hour from Orlando, so we have plans to go to Disney world & Universal in the months to come. I’ve heard that Harry Potter world is pretty fantastic! We also have Busch Gardens here, as well as a couple of aquariums, a zoo and tons of other stuff to do.

Overall, Tampa has been good to us so far. We are having fun and getting out to meet new people. Feel free to come visit us here in the Sunshine State!!!


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