Why technology could be risking your memories

Cell phones, digital cameras, USB drives, The Cloud & DVD’s…..just some of the ways that people store photos these days. Fairly inexpensive for the most part, and you can store a ton of photos and take up very little room. Seems like an excellent plan. So whats the problem?

The problem is that in 5, 10 or 20 yrs, the technology of today may very well be obsolete. Many of us had VCR’s, maybe even 8 tracks. Or remember when your “cell phone” was really a phone in a bag that you plugged into the cigarette lighter in your car. You dont? Exactly my point.

So if you are keeping all of your memories, your families memories and those of your friends on some form of storage, what happens to all of those when the technology they are on is no longer usable? What will your kids look at when you are old or have even passed on? They surely aren’t going to be able to pull up your i-phone from 2017 and be able to look at those pictures. It will all be gone.

As photographers, we think that it is super important for you to get prints. You don’t have to get everything printed, but at the very least, spend some money and get a couple good, quality prints of the important people & events in your life. Because years from now, evidence of those things may be gone and you will never be able to get them back.

For information about setting up a session and the products we offer, please contact us using the form below:

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