5 “must have” dating-profile pics

We’ve all come across those dating profiles that have a person taking a selfie of themselves in front of a mirror with a toilet in the background or what about the ones where they are staring at their phone while taking the shot with the camera facing the mirror. I’m sure we’ve thought “WOW, can’t they get a better photograph of themselves?”

Here are a few tips to make your dating profile stick out and make you look better.

  1. Show a well taken, well lit head shot (head to mid chest)mariefrederick_070917_005
  2. Have at least one photo where you are smilingmariefrederick_070917_029
  3. Show your fun side with a silly/goofy picturemariefrederick_070917_047
  4. If you have a favorite hobby or past time, show a photo of you doing that (keep it appropriate)mariefrederick_070917_038
  5. Have a recent, (within the last 6 months), knee or full length picturemariefrederick_070917_013

Do you need to update your photos for your dating profile? Contact us on the form below and we will set up a mini-session just for you!



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