Butt Floss and Forgotten Flashes

I think most people assume that being a photographer is easy. After all, all we do is point the camera at something and push a button right? If you think that, your partially right. Some “photographers” do in fact do that. But if you are a true professional, then you do so much more.

Take our last model shoot for instance. We had 2 fantastic models with us here in Florida last month. We had plans to go to multiple locations around the Tampa Bay area and get some amazing shots. Our models had their outfits, we had a plan…what could go wrong?


Lets start with one of our models having a minor freak out because her bathing suit bottom was, in her words, butt floss. She was super anxious about getting in public with her butt out. Luckily, after some minutes of talking her off the ledge and assuring her that she wouldn’t be the only one at the beach with “butt floss” we were able to head out. (I mean seriously…have you seen the bathing suits around here?)


Once we got to our location about 20-30 min away, we unloaded the car, only for Tony to discover that he had forgotten his entire bag with all his flashes in them. Luckily, I had mine and of course we had reflectors. After all, we are professionals and we will always figure out a way.

Needless to say, we had an awesome shoot and got some amazing portraits. Both our models were happy and it was quickly apparent that I was not wrong about the butt floss issue.

So to sum up, to be a professional photographer, not only do you have to take photos, you also have to sometimes be a counselor, make people feel comfortable, be an innovator, a planner, and be extra creative (how to take gorgeous photos without showing the butt floss issue). And don’t worry, not only do we do all this for our models, we do it for all of our clients and customers.Derek & Victoria

For more information about having your session (you don’t even have to wear a bathing suit), contact us through the form below.


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