Albums vs. Social Media

These days it seems we live in social media. Some people put every instance of their lives on various social media sites, whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, Snap-chat or whatever else comes along at the moment. The problem is that social media is fleeting. Remember MySpace? Hi5? Foursquare? Maybe vaguely right? Even if Facebook doesn’t disappear, your photos and memories will. They will get so lost on your feed that you may never ever see them again. Or, they will go the way of the previously mentioned sites and pretty much disappear all together. This is why we promote portrait and wedding/quinceanera albums!

Albums are amazing. They are beautiful, timeless and a wonderful way to keep your memories visible, not only for you, but for your kids. We offer 2 types of albums, one for portraits and one for weddings/quinceaneras. These alums are hand crafted in Italy and are designed entirely by us. You won’t get a cookie cutter, run of the mill album that everyone else has, because yours will be uniquely you.

So next time you think about just getting your images on a CD or flash-drive, remember, you may never see those pictures again. Treasure them and let them live on for years and generations to come.

For more information about a portrait session or event, please contact us through the form below.

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