Why did Tony become a photographer?


That’s a good question. I ask this question almost all the time. Not because I don’t enjoy being a photographer but because, it’s a struggle to make money when you are living on it as your sole means. Well that took a turn. lol.


So why did I become a photographer? Well truthfully it’s because I love photography. Those who truly know me know that I tend to be an introvert at times. Being out with my camera I feel helps me to get out of that shell. Although, it can be a crutch or a way for me to escape a situation I don’t want to be in.

As a child I was always playing with cameras. I think I had two or three film cameras that came from a thrift store and I shot with them all the time. I even remember going to the thrift stores and playing with the cameras. I would open them up to check the film casing, mess with the buttons and even peek in the viewfinder. I would even just point and shoot as if there was film in them. I would wait for a special moment to “get the shot.”


When I got a little older I remember looking at magazine covers, articles and the ads in them and thinking, I want to do that. Not the modeling haha I don’t look anything like a model but I wanted to be the person photographing these people. I enjoyed the color, poses, and lighting that it took to get the right shot for these ads or magazine covers.

Being grown now I know there is a lot more to it than the lighting, color and poses. Don’t get me wrong all of that is important but it’s the interaction between the photographer and the subject. I enjoy that challenge that it brings and getting to know the people that I am photographing. I enjoy the art of creating a portrait that can be cherished for a lifetime.

So, this brings me back to the question. Why did I become a photographer? It’s because I love the art of creating portraits, the challenges it brings and getting to know the people that I am photographing.

Road Trip 2014

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