Why Jess became a photographer

I became a photographer because I want to have thousands of dollars of heavy equipment to carry around, but have no actual money. That’s right ladies and gentlemen…if you want to lug around bags and bags and bags of stuff that you probably won’t even use regularly, then being a photographer (or a pack mule) might be the life for you!

Washington DC in December
In DC with some fellow photographers, 2015

Truthfully, I became a photographer because I decided I wanted to. I really, really enjoy taking pictures and have been doing so for as long as I can remember. I went to South Korea in 2003 to teach English for 2 years because in my head, I was thinking that I would be able to get tons of awesome photos and do a lot of traveling while I was there. (I was right on both accounts) Then, when I returned to the states in 2006, I decided that I would become a professional photographer. So, I applied for and was accepted into Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts. I graduated in 2007 and have been doing photography in some capacity or another since then.

I won’t sit here and bore you with tales of how I’ve been looking at lighting patterns since I was 2 or that I had an epiphany and realized it was my life purpose. It is something that I enjoy and so I decided why the hell not? I believe in doing what I want, and in living life as happy as I possibly can, so why not make money doing something I like? I don’t want to be on my deathbed and have any regrets, so I do what I consider fun and exciting.  Plus carrying around all that equipment is good for muscle building!

Great Sand Dunes, CO
Photographing in Great Sand Dunes, CO, 2014

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