Happy Halloween! Be Safe!

It’s that time of year. You know the time when ghouls come out to play and the dead walk among the living. Witches and wizards are everywhere and mummies just leave their rags on the streets from dragging along. Argh, argh. (That was my mummy sound.) All we can do is think about how much candy we will get. Well….I know I was but only the crunch bars and kit kats. I may have to go trick or treating myself. Think it will work?

I checked and it seems that Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I was a child, OUCH!…I think I just sounded old, we went trick or treating the night of. It seems as though the rules have changed since. I’m not sure but I believe here in Tampa all the festivities and trick or treating will happen on the weekend before Halloween. Whether one goes trick or treating, attend the festivities or goes to a party, let’s all just be safe.

For those of you with ‘lil’uns: if you plan on trick or treating, let’s keep the following safety tips in mind.

  • Don’t go for a completely dark colored costume. If you plan on crossing streets you will be very hard to see in the dark.
  • Don’t get a full face mask. They can be hard to see through and hard to breath in. Have you worn one?
  • Travel in groups.
  • Go through the streets with the most lights on.
  • Don’t go to houses WITHOUT their lights on.
  • Check and double check those treats. Make sure that they have never been opened and are free of any sharp objects.


If you miss trick or treating or want to have an alternative there are most likely other things to do in your town or city. There are fall festivals, trunk or treating or maybe even a “shin dig”. Some of them are even free to attend. Just check with your local google search, right at your finger tips.

Now, for us “grown folk” out here who are trying to party…

  • Have a DD (designated driver) or just UBER/taxi if you’re going to drink.
  • Don’t leave your drink unattended.
  • Travel with a buddy. You never know what can happen.
  • If you are alone check in with someone.

Above all, remember to have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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