Southern Pro Exposure New Orleans

Well it was a great weekend in New Orleans for the annual PPLA Southern Pro Exposure (SPX) photography convention. We met old friends, made new ones and learned TONS!!!


We learned from so many great photographers who have tons of knowledge and experience to share with us. We can’t wait to incorporate the new tips and tricks into what we do. We always walk away with new ideas to give you a great experience and a product you deserve.

Mothers Restaurant

While there we got to take a break at one of the many great restaurants there, Mothers, and it was phenomenal. If you are ever in New Orleans check it out you won’t be disappointed.

Jessica got to receive her new bling, CPP Medal (certified professional photographer), during the awards ceremony and we couldn’t be more proud! Photographed with her is this year’s PPA president Rob Behm. By the way don’t mind the outfits. The evening had a theme and it was transportation, Jess is dressed as a road.

Derrick & Victoria

While there we got to bring back two of our favorite models who wanted to come to Tampa. These two have been a part of the Dark Light family since we were in Louisiana. Stay tuned for some awesome photos of Derek and Victoria.

“and the winner is…..”

…Jessica Wakefield! That’s right folks…I managed to merit (score of 80 or higher) on 4 of the 6 prints that I submitted to Southern Pro Exposure, held by Professional Photographers of Louisiana, in New Orleans 2 weekends ago. In addition to the merits, I also won 2 distinguished print awards as well as 1st place in the photojournalism general category & best 1st time entrant! (One of the images won this spring for 1st place print in commercial work as well as a judges choice award)

This print competition was judged by photographers from various places in the  USA including Chicago, Kansas City, Orlando & Lubbock. It is a great honor to not only have images merit, but also to be recognized for additional awards by these amazing photographers.

Thank you to everyone who supports me in my photography endeavors! I can’t wait to enter more print competitions. Now we just need to get Tony to submit his work next year!!

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